Britain's 'Boys' Club Of Sexist Culture' Blasted By UN's Rashida Manjoo

Article here. Excerpt:

'The UN's spokeswoman on violence against women has blasted the "pervasive" and "routine" sexist culture in the UK.

Rashida Manjoo said there is a "boys' club sexist culture" in Britain that influences perceptions of women and girls in the country possibly leading to bullying and harassment.

Following a 16 day visit to Britain, Manjoo also warned Government cutbacks have hit violence against women services and confirmed reports she was blocked from entering controversial immigration detention centre for women, Yarl's Wood.
In an initial report on violence against women, the South African human rights expert said legal and policy responses focused on harmful practices, such as early and forced marriages but ignored the harms coming from a "a sexist culture that exists in the country".

She added: "Have I seen this level of sexist culture in other countries? It hasn't been so in-your-face in other countries.'

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... she wasn't walked around on a leash in the street!

If the UK's "sexist boys' club culture" is so bad, wonder what she thinks of countries operating under Sharia or other places where explicit gender segragation or civil rights curtailment is permissible so long as it favors one gender over another? In the case of the western world however, it's permitted provided the benefactors are female.

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feminism and sharia law.

u.n.: (def.) another governmental boondoggle whose ee's operate entirely on opm (other people's $$).

notice how she has adopted the u.s. feminist rant about how necessary cutbacks on feminist funding (like funding everywhere else) hurts women.

she is probably right about not seeing other countries sexist culture so much 'in your face' though. especially when you have to keep your face, and every other part of your body covered in public. its very hard to see too much at all through those darned burkas required in some countries.

saw a video on it once. I don't see how they can stand it. got to walk everywhere too, unless a man agrees to drive them. yep, Brit's are the bad ones, 4 sure.

no wonder Tennessee wants to keep them (u.n.) away from their elections.

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