Feminism is holding back medical research

Article here. Excerpt:

'In the quest for women’s equality, the rhetoric has come to be interpreted as literal truth: Women are no different than men and they should not be treated any different.

This is false and it could literally kill you.

The differences between men and women are becoming an elephant in the room in the medical community and few people are willing to talk about it. But the facts are clear; our bodies are vastly different and treating us the same could hold back medical research.
For example, men’s organs are softer than women’s, much less firm and do not hold shape as well. Women have more stem cells than men and the cells are different, reported “60 Minutes” in a Feb. 9 segment.

The differences do not stop there. They may explain why women have a much higher rate of Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis, or why men have a much higher rate of prostate cancer, color blindness and heart disease. Masculinity may be why autism rates are four times higher in men.

The most important difference may be in the way medicine affects each sex differently. Treatments for some types of diseases are considered a one-size-fits-all treatment; few doctors have even considered that our biological differences could affect who lives and who dies.

The reason doctors do not research these differences as much as they should is because of feminism, said Dr. Doris Taylor, the director of the Center for Cardiovascular Repair at the University of Minnesota, to “60 Minutes.”

The call for equality was taken far too literally.

If doctors attempt to present research with “sex differences” in their abstract, nobody would allow them to display their findings because it is too politically incorrect, Taylor told “60 Minutes.”'

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Hmmm, this is interesting, and shows how each group can spin things. I read about this same topic in a women's magazine a few months back. However, the female author was blaming male dominated medical profession for not doing more medical research on women, and saying it wasn't fair that woman were being left out as if their health didn't matter.

There is a logical explanation as to why medical research is more often done on males compared to females. Most females do not fit the criteria needed for research because most adult females use some sort of chemical birth control which can skew the results, if they are not using chemical birth control they have fluctuating hormones and there is a risk of pregnancy and harm to the fetus. Sometimes it is not known how long the affects of the medication will linger on the system, so a female candidate would have to commit or plan on several years of not getting pregnant (not even accidentally) nor breastfeeding - yet she cant use birth control during the research. It's hard to find an adult female like that.

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give us some male birth control (mbc).

problem solved.
in fact, lots of problems solved.

we will even pay for it ourselves. I'm sure our handout prez. would never
agree to give anything good to men anyway, especially white or Asian men.

probably cost a fortune,
but worth every penny to get control of our future back.

I suspect feminists are behind this as well, one way or another.

evil always destroys everything it touches.
an old lesson having to be relearned - at a terrible cost.

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There is also a logical explanation as to why there is no male birth control pill too (or other simple method). It is because stopping millions of sperm production which occurs daily for all of man's adult life is difficult and much more complicated compared to blocking the female's monthly egg from being exposed for fertilization.

Not only does a male birth control method have to be developed, but it has to be easy to get into the body and affordable. I think there is hope to the method being developed in India (RISUG or Vasegel).

There has never been any evidence that feminist are blocking the development of male birth control. All women I have ever come across, feminist or other, have been very enthusiastically hoping and praying for male birth control. Coming to MRA sites was the first time I ever heard anyone suggest females or feminists might not support male birth control, and I just shake my head every time because it does not match anything I have ever come across regarding the subject. Every women I know and everything I have ever read on the subject indicates women and feminist are very supportive of male birth control.

BTW - for me to take this article more seriously about feminist blocking medical research on women, I would like the author to provide specific examples instead of opinions and generalizations. I have read far more articles on this subject from women (or pro-women/feminist types) who are requesting more female medical research because of their different biological characteristics.

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not that I knew fem's were behind it or claimed any evidence.

however, logic dictates that somebody is blocking the development of the mbc (male birth control) pill. over the years I have heard many excuses in the media, but still no mbc's.

let me see if I can remember some:

1. men won't buy it, so companies aren't interested in producing it.

potentially 1/2 the population won't buy something that could save them a lifetime of financial servitude? yeah, that makes sense.

2. men don't want it.

raincoat vs. pill or
surgery on balls vs. pill.
on what freakin' planet?

3. women would never trust men to take it.

yeah, like we care.
I once trusted a woman to take her pills. baaaaad mistake.

4. its too hard to make a mbc pill is the latest/greatest.

the stupidity of the arguments over the years against a mbc pill would make anyone suspicious about the reason for the lack of mbc. also, we not only have a stimulus pill for men, they developed one for women. but still no mbc.

btw, if men ever did get a mbc pill, does any MRA believe the government in the u.s. would ever pay for it? they just agreed that obamacare will pay the many forms of birth control, for women.

based on what Viagra and such male only pills cost ($10-20/pill), a mbc will probably be just as expensive. still be worth it though.

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