UK Parliament: "#TellParliament Forum: Violence against women and girls"

Link here. Is it even appropriate for the parliament to solicit public input through privately run online forums, by sponsored sites with their own agendas? Excerpt:

'Netmums is hosting an online forum for people to post their experiences of gender-based violence and opinions on how this subject is broached with their children.
Chair's comments

Dr Hywel Francis MP, Chair of the Committee said:

"We would like to thank Netmums for hosting us on this forum and hope that you will use this opportunity to inform our inquiry.

We are conducting an inquiry into violence against women and girls in the UK and are interested to hear from any individuals who may have experiences of any kind of gender-related violence, including non-physical forms, as well as parents’ experiences and opinions on how this subject is broached with their children."'

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For literally millenia, gov'ts have been utterly indifferent to men as DV victims and only relatively recently interested in women as such. But realizing it's a cinch in securing votes from women, they're all over it-- at least in terms of propagating their images. Some are sincerely interested, others not much. But I have yet to see any gov't even seemingly interested in helping or reaching out to male DV victims. Just follow the money as well as the voting patterns.

Using social media or web sites likely to attract women who vote to make a show of concern for DV victims (female only, of course) is simply the same thing they've been doing for decades but via a more modern means. Previously, it was press conferences, press releases, open letters from officials, outreach offices, etc. Those things are still being done, just this new modality is added to it, that's all. But the one thing times past have in common with times present: Men remain invisible as victims, larger-than-life as victimizers. SSDD.

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is non-physical violence?

violence: (webster, online) the use of physical force to do harm, to damage.
great destructive force or energy.

synonyms: force, foul play. wtf??

yes, your honor, he was non-physically violent with me, and the children.

I have heard women get $$ from the v.a.w.a. if there was violence perpetrated against them, but isn't this stretching the definition of violence to mean, well, anything?

wait a minute, didn't I hear that not giving her enough $$ was a form of this so called violence? makes about as much sense as the 'war on American women', the most privileged group of people to ever have existed on the face of the earth.

I don't doubt for a minute this is where the $$ grubbers have taken their abominable love of opm (other people's $$). logic, like math and science, has never been one of their strong points.

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